• 12/04/2024 11:24

Will the war in Israel end soon: Netanyahu's comprehensive answer

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This information was reported by the Times of Israel, reports URA-Inform.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after his rare visit to Gaza, where he visited a brigade of IDF reservists, said that the war against the Hamas terrorist group is far from over.

“We are not stopping, we are continuing the fight and deepening our fighting in the coming days, and this will be a long battle and it is not close to ending. We need patience, unity and adherence to our mission,” — he said.

In addition, at a meeting of the Likud faction in the Knesset, the Israeli head of government emphasized that the military men with whom he spoke in Gaza asked him only one thing: that the Israeli army not stop and continued its work to the end.

Recall that it was previously reported that Turkey launched a military operation in northern Iraq: what is known (map).

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