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This is the first “black swan” for Putin – Osechkin said that it will happen soon in the Russian Federation

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In light of the tragic events in «Crocus City», Vladimir Osechkin expressed his point of view, suggesting that another similar incident would be a critical event for dictator Vladimir Putin.

Osechkin reported this information in an interview for the Morning of February channel, reports URA-Inform.

The oppositionist shared information received from Russian security forces, arguing that sentiments are accumulating within the system about the need for a reset and de-Putinization.

He noted that there is fatigue with Putin’s unpredictable course and his readiness to subject the country to serious international sanctions.< /p>

Based on the example of the events in «Crocus City», Osechkin pointed out that the Russian intelligence services may be operating outside the control of the president.

He expressed the view that the terrorist attack could have occurred without Putin's knowledge, which highlights the loss of control by the intelligence services and the possible deliberate creation of conditions to undermine his rating.

“This is the first black a swan for Putin, which could greatly undermine his rating and the stability of his regime,” — he said.

Osechkin warns that if such incidents are repeated, this could lead not only to a decrease in ratings, but also to a complete loss of political power. The question of when this will happen remains open, but it is clear that Putin has lost some of his political position.

Recall that the United States made a new promise to Ukraine on armaments: what will happen after March 31.

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