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TOM Clicker – what is it and how to make money there

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TOM Clicker — what is it and how to make money there: TOM is a complex ecosystem, headed by the unique $TOM token, which will become a possible “gold mine” for many users.

This information was reported by the official TOM Clicker resource, reports “URA-Inform”.

What kind of game is TOM Clicker?

The basis of this ecosystem is the TOM Clicker project — Clicker game integrated into Telegram. Here, users can actively participate by clicking, purchasing upgrades, inviting friends and completing various tasks to earn as many TOM points as possible and move up in the rankings.

How tokens are earned in TOM Clicker?

TOM Clicker offers a fun way to earn $TOM tokens while playing. Users can click to accumulate TOM points, invest them in upgrades, automatically receive additional TOM points, and receive more points for each click.

By completing tasks that support the project and its partners, players accelerate the process of accumulating TOM points. At the end of each season, participants receive $TOM tokens based on their position in the rankings.

By competing with other players, users strive to rise higher in the rankings, which is based on the total number of TOM points — the amount of current and spent TOM points. The game is available on both mobile devices and PC.

Just follow the link and a lot will immediately become clear — https://t.me/TomClicker_bot?start=6944422815

TOM Clicker developers' approach

The extraordinary feature of the $TOM token is in its hyper-deflationary nature, which guarantees a gradual increase in its value over time. This is achieved through systematic buybacks and burns of $TOM tokens based on a percentage of market trading.

For example, for every $1,000,000 of $TOM tokens redeemed, $10,000 worth of $TOM tokens are «burned», permanently reducing the total supply. This is especially attractive to holders and players as it guarantees stability in the price of the $TOM token, unlike other cryptocurrencies. Thus, it becomes clear TOM Clicker — what is it and how to make money there.

Listing on exchanges and similar games on TOM Clicker

It is known that tomcoins are already traded on the FineBox exchange. However, there is also information that TOM tokens can be “listed” in Binance, OKX, GATEio, Bingx, as well as WhiteBit.

In addition, there are projects that are very reminiscent of the essence of the TOM game. For example, we are talking about Avacoin, which is also “clamored”, and in the process money is generated. However, in a very similar way you can make money on projects such as NEAR Wallet, TapSwap, WormFare, Harvest MOON and Click Arbuz.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that a pre-market of the sensational Notcoin project has recently appeared, where any Anyone can exchange tokens profitably.

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