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Toxic fuel leaked from a downed rocket in Kyiv: what is known

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The Russian occupation army attacked Kiev with missiles against March 24 – air defense shot down about 10 targets.

This information was reported by 24tv, URA-Inform reports.  

However, the enemy missile debris caused not only destruction, but also a dangerous chemical threat. In particular, toxic fuel leaked from one of the downed missiles.

Correspondent Lyudmila Gavrilyuk spoke about this during the telethon from the site where the enemy missile debris fell.

«The State Emergency Service arrived and asked to move away from the site where the Russian rocket debris fell. We moved 500 meters away because they were just starting to pick up the debris and load it into the car. I want to explain why we are wearing masks now – there is a rocket fuel leak here, it is very toxic. Experts asked us to wear masks for our health. It’s quite hard to breathe here, even though we are now among the trees,” she said.

The correspondent also noted that there are a lot of rocket debris at the crash site and emergency workers have been loading them for about 20 min.

«An investigative team is working. I counted about 7-8 fragments, this is from one rocket. They cannot yet say what type it is – X-55 or X-101. Here the perimeter where there is debris from the rocket has been completely surrounded, but people are already walking their dogs, that is, life goes on. The Ukrainians are showing that they cannot be broken and the Russians are once again fighting against civilians,” said Lyudmila.

We recall that it was previously reported that Poland will shoot down Russian missiles: the condition has been named.

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