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Transfer of Russian troops to the Belgorod region: the expert explained when the threat will be obvious

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Peter Chernik reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

The aggressor transferred the Russian Guard to the border with our state. Ukrainian defenders are constantly on high alert.

Military expert Pyotr Chernik explained that there is no need to be afraid of the Russian Guard on the border with the Belgorod region yet. He noted that the threat from the Russian Federation will be obvious when they manage to gather at least 40 thousand of their soldiers on the border.

A Ukrainian Armed Forces officer said that the amount of manpower that the Russian Federation has now concentrated on the border with Ukraine from the side Belgorod region, not enough for an offensive. According to Chernik, most likely, these military personnel will be used for rotation. 

«That’s when we will receive information that we have conditionally approached the border a new forty thousandth corps, and exactly this number of personnel with the appropriate equipment will be confirmed, then this will be a real threat», — warned Peter Chernik.

Recall that it was previously reported how long Ukraine will last without US help: Arakhamia said whether the country will be able to continue to fight.

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