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Trump made a new important statement about Ukraine: it is known how the US elections will change the war

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Former US President Donald Trump made an important statement about Ukraine. He made it clear how he plans to act if he wins the upcoming US presidential elections.

URA-Inform reports Trump’s position, citing Time.

Trump emphasized in his new statement , that he will “try” to help Ukraine, but this, according to him, should be done first of all by Europe.

“The issue of Ukraine is important for us, there is no doubt about that. However, it is even more important for Europe, because the United States is located overseas. At the same time, the States gave Ukraine much more than all of Europe. This is a very unfair situation,” — Trump said.

He emphasized that the United States, under his leadership, will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine, but only if “supplies from Europe will overtake supplies from the United States.”

It is worth noting that Trump intends to speed up end of the war in Ukraine. Insiders note that for this he is even ready to push Kyiv to make territorial concessions.

Recall that Ukrposhta responded to criticism with obscenities: the reason for the high-profile conflict online is known.

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