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Ukrposhta responded to criticism with obscenities: the reason for the loud conflict on the network is known

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Ukrposhta reacted sharply to public discontent regarding information about the sale of obsolete vehicles on the ProZorro site.

A corresponding statement appeared on the company's official Twitter page, reports URA-Inform.

The head of Ukrposhta, Igor Smelyansky, announced his intention to sell 531 cars in order to update the vehicle fleet. Among the equipment that is planned to be sold are foreign brands such as Hyundai Sonata, Peugeot, Mazda, Citroen, Volkswagen, KIA, Daewoo, Skoda, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, as well as cars from aggressor countries such as MAZ, GAZ, UAZ , ZIL and others. The sale will be carried out in lots from 9 to 134 units, with a cost from 42 thousand to 1.1 million hryvnia. One of the lots is already available for viewing on the Prozorro site.

The general director expressed the opinion that if volunteers purchase these used cars, then out of 3-4 cars it will be possible to assemble only one, which can then be transferred to the front.

However, the public on social networks was critical of this decision of the state-owned company. Users expressed dissatisfaction with the need to hold an auction instead of directly transferring transport to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In turn, Ukrposhta also emotionally responded to criticism:

“Yes, we put up old rotten cars for sale auction. This is just unnecessary shit. We don't fuck, we just act according to the law. We do not have the right to simply transfer these cars to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, so we put them up for sale.”

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