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Tusk announced the strengthening of Poland's eastern border: what is the reason

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said his country is starting work to strengthen the entire eastern border.

< p>This information was reported by RAR, reports URA-Inform.  

The Polish Prime Minister made a corresponding statement at a meeting with soldiers, border guards and police. According to him, Poland will strengthen its eastern border due to the flow of illegal migration from Belarus. He emphasized that this is in fact a “hybrid war.”

“In fact, we are dealing with a progressive hybrid war. I want there to be no doubt here — a country with increasingly aggressive intentions towards Poland, such as Belarus, organizes this practice on the Polish border and, accordingly, the cooperation of all services that are responsible not only for border security, but also for the security of the entire state is necessary,” — Tusk emphasized.

In addition, according to Tusk, Belarus has increasingly aggressive intentions towards Poland, so he believes that it is necessary to amend the legislation in order to give soldiers and officers “full legal sense of security” when performing their duties at the border.

“This is not only the internal border of Poland, but also the border of the EU. Therefore, I have no doubt that Europe will have to — and I know that this is exactly what we will achieve — invest in our security by investing in Poland's eastern border and the security of our border,” — Tusk added.

We recall that it was previously reported that the White House made an alarming statement about the Russian offensive on Kharkov: what the enemy is preparing for.

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