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The Russian troops have a new tactical sign: the first personnel in the Kharkov region

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As you know, the troops of the Russian Federation recently broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kharkov region, but eyewitnesses noticed one interesting nuance when they began remove enemy equipment.

This information is reported by eyewitnesses of the combat events, reports URA-Inform.

As you know, although the occupiers of the Russian Federation broke through the border in the Kharkov region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, nevertheless, managed to hold off the Russians. However, ordinary citizens were able to take relevant shots of the equipment of enemy forces.

What is noteworthy is that people note that the photographs were taken near the northern part of the city of Volchansk, which is located in close proximity to the theater of operations in the north of the region.

And, although there is no official confirmation of this, such photographs have already “dispersed” quite a bit on the Internet. However, authoritative experts have not yet said what such a sign means. Some do not even rule out that such footage is fake.

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