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Advantages of advertising on LED screens and media facades in Kyiv

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Advertising on LED screens is a modern type of dynamic advertising that ensures high quality of the displayed image and its visibility at any time of the day. due to high contrast and brightness. Modern LED panels have high resolution (up to 5000 pixels), which allows you to broadcast high-quality video content and animation.

Here are some key advantages of advertising on screens and media facades (large screens on buildings):

  • High visibility — attract a lot of attention from passersby and motorists due to bright dynamic images on large surfaces.
  • Audience coverage — location on central streets and buildings allows you to reach a wide audience of residents and guests of the city.
  • Memorability — video and animation on the media facade and screen are better remembered than static banners.
  • Image — for the company, the use of modern media technologies creates the image of a progressive and technological brand.
  • 24-hour display — the screen works day and night, providing maximum coverage.
  • Creative possibilities — media facades allow you to implement creative ideas using video, graphics, animation.

The main optimal locations for installing LED screens in Kyiv:

  • Khreshchatyk, Independence Square — central streets and squares of the capital, with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Metro stations «Arsenalna», «Ukrainian Heroes Square», «Palace of Sports&# 187;, «Lybedskaya» — key transport hubs with intense passenger traffic.
  • Dream Town shopping center, Ocean Plaza, Lavina Mall — popular shopping and entertainment centers with high visitor traffic.
  • Pobeda Avenue, Stepan Bandera Avenue, Osvoboditel Avenue — central transport routes with significant vehicle traffic.
  • Petrovka — a significant social and business center with developed infrastructure.
  • Podol — an area with a high concentration of cafes, restaurants, office centers.

This selection of placements allows you to cover wide audience — both residents of the metropolis and guests of the capital. 

The cost of advertising on LED screens remains affordable compared to other types of outdoor advertising in Kyiv. At the same time, the memorability and recognition of advertising in LED format is significantly higher. 

You can select ice screens in Kyiv using the Outdoor-Online.com.ua service. Just select the required area of ​​the map and click “Search”. You can also use the help of the company manager. 

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