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The end of the war in Ukraine: Borrell named a country that is capable of putting pressure on Putin

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European Union Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell spoke about who can influence Russia to bring peace to Ukraine.< /p>

This information was reported by Euronews, URA-Inform reports.  

He noted that the People's Republic of China can use its influence on the Russian Federation, which will accelerate the onset of peace in Ukraine.  The diplomat recalled that from the very beginning he said that China must play its role.

“Then I was very criticized, because China is certainly on the side of Russia. But even if he sides with Russia, I think China has a role to play. China is a permanent member of the Security Council. China has the greatest influence in Russia. China has not yet supplied weapons to Russia», — he said.

According to Borrell, China was considering the possibility of supplying weapons to Russia.

“This has not happened yet, and the fact that President Xi spoke with President Zelensky is good, even if he did not mention the war, but they are talking. This is a good thing. And, of course, we must… we are very interested in not pushing Russia too far towards China», — added Josep Borrell.

As you know, China is considering the possibility of participating in a peace conference aimed at ending the war in Ukraine, which will be organized by neutral Switzerland in the coming months.

Recall that It was previously reported that HIMARS missiles will be launched in Lithuania for the first time to deter the Russian Federation: details.

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