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Two large groups began to threaten Putin: an insider said how the FSO is already operating

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As it turned out, on Sunday, March 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin planned to visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, but his trip was canceled security.

Donpress reports this, citing the source of the «Kremlin snuffbox» in the Kremlin, reports URA-Inform.

«We received signals about a possible attempt to assassinate Vladimir Vladimirovich. Therefore, we took measures to ensure maximum security for the president and practically limited his movements to Novo-Ogarevo. He lit a candle there. This is normal», — said a senior FSO officer.

He also confirmed the transmission of a warning by the Russian FSB about a possible terrorist attack three days before the incident in Crocus City Hall and expressed bewilderment at the lack of measures taken.

< p>A source quoted by the Kremlin Tabakerka confirmed that the president’s security had been strengthened, and therefore Putin held a meeting on the terrorist attack in Crocus online.

However, when asked about who could wish for death Putin, the FSO officer did not give an answer. The resource sums up the results, noting:

«Our sources in the Kremlin believe that the president is now threatened by numerous enemies. However, the main threats come from two groups: internal dissidents who want to disrupt stability in the country, and radical Islamists.

Recall that the Russian Federation is firing Zircon missiles at Ukraine: how many minutes do they take? fly to different cities.

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