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Ukraine and the Russian Federation may go to peace talks in a few months: a new forecast for the war has appeared

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White House officials, in a conversation with the NYT, said that Ukraine and the Russian Federation could agree to peace negotiations and stop the war in a few months along the front line.

 This information was reported by The New York Times, URA-Inform reports.  

«There is a growing feeling within the Biden administration that the next few months could prove decisive as, at some point, both sides may finally move to a negotiated truce similar to the one that ended active hostilities in Korea in 1953.« #187;, — the article says.

According to White House officials, the new Russian offensive in the Kharkov region «changes the trajectory of the war in Ukraine».

On the one hand, American officials believe that Ukraine will be able to recapture many of its current territorial losses — after American aid begins to arrive, «most likely sometime in July», and Ukraine sends more young soldiers to the front.

On the other hand — «They are hesitant to make predictions about where the front line might be even months from now, or whether Zelensky will be able to launch his long-delayed counteroffensive next year.».

Washington's greatest concern is that Russia is replacing weapons destroyed in the first 27 months of the war and rebuilding its position: «Russia often starts its wars poorly and ends them well». 

In addition This, according to the publication, a number of Biden's aides are concerned that Russia has learned lessons from the conflict about which technologies have performed well and which — bad, and has also made technological advances in countering American weapons.

At the same time, Biden remains opposed to Macron's idea of ​​​​sending troops.

«This year represents a window of opportunity For Russia. But unless the Russian military can translate these advantages into combat gains and gain momentum, there is a good chance that this window will begin to close as we enter 2025», — said Michael Kofman, a Russia expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

Recall that it was previously reported that Putin again started talking about negotiations: he wants “security guarantees” for the Russian Federation and is open to dialogue on Ukraine.

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