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Ukraine did not expect this: we know about a country that suddenly prepared a big surprise for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

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Greece plans to send a large batch of ammunition to Ukraine as part of a Czech initiative. The volume of supply is not disclosed, but Greece plans to receive 150 million euros for them.

URA-Inform reports about new supplies of weapons to Ukraine, citing iEidiseis.

These ammunition will be taken from the Greek Army's reserves and assessed as “serviceable”. The Greek government is currently awaiting approval of this decision by a parliamentary committee. According to the report, some of the batches of shells that will be transferred have already been used in exercises of the Greek Armed Forces.

Recall that in February the Czech authorities managed to discover about 1 million artillery shells, including 500,000 units of NATO-caliber ammunition and another 300,000 Soviet caliber units destined for Ukraine. This volume should be enough for several months of vital supplies to the combat zone. Additionally, the Czech Republic announced the discovery of another 200,000 ammunition, but did not disclose additional details.

More than 20 countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, Canada, Sweden, Portugal and Lithuania, have already joined Czech initiative and allocated funds from their budgets. Let us remind you that Ukraine hit the Russian Federation 1200 km away: the important purpose of the fateful arrival is known.

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