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Ukraine has found a way to powerfully strengthen air defense: the allies announced an important announcement

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According to a message from the German Ambassador to Ukraine Martin Jäger, Ukraine will receive a new IRIS-T air defense system from Germany in May this year .

Details about strengthening the air defense of Ukraine are reported by URA-Inform, referring to the telethon.

The Ambassador noted that some IRIS-T components have already been delivered to Ukraine, and another system will be handed over to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in May. He emphasized that Germany promised Ukraine the supply of new IRIS-T systems during the current, next and 2026.

Jäger also clarified that in addition to providing air defense, Germany is actively helping to restore the energy infrastructure, especially given the winter period . He noted the importance of air defense systems to protect against possible attacks in the future.

The Ambassador emphasized that Germany is taking additional measures in the air defense sector and has already promised that 25% of Germany's Patriot systems will be deployed in Ukraine, which is an outstanding example solidarity in NATO.

Let us remind you that the Ukrainian air defense has big problems: the Ukrainian Armed Forces have revealed statistics on downed missiles and drones of the Russian Federation.

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