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We have already seen this – the head of the Kharkov region police told what the Russian Federation is turning Volchansk into

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Chief of the Kharkov region police Vladimir Timoshko reported that the city of Volchansk in the Kharkov region has become a victim of constant air strikes by Russian forces and turned into a field of destruction similar to Bakhmut or Maryinka.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Ukrainian Radio.

According to Timoshko, in three days from the beginning Russian offensive, Volchansk received serious damage that exceeded all previous shelling of the city combined. Russian forces relied on guided aerial bombs, weighing from 250 to 500 kilograms, capable of destroying multi-apartment buildings.

Timoshko noted that the Russian target is not only representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but also police and rescuers, so for the evacuation of civilians armored vehicles are involved.

“It’s very dangerous to be in the city. If someone refuses to evacuate, then he will almost certainly become a victim of shelling,” — Timoshko warned.

Recall that Ukraine has found a way to powerfully strengthen its air defense: the allies announced an important announcement.

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