• 25/06/2024 12:42

Ukraine is preparing a new blow to draft dodgers: the media found out whether bank cards will be blocked

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The West continues to express dissatisfaction with the lack of rapid mobilization in Ukraine. In order to strengthen the army, a new law is being prepared, which could significantly affect the financial situation of draft dodgers.

URA-Inform reports this, citing bill No. 10379.

The bill provides for fines in absentia for draft dodgers . If the bill is adopted, the TCC will have the opportunity to impose fines on evaders without the presence of the accused.

Fines will be applied in cases where citizens did not appear when summoned or did not update the data in the TCC. However, TCC employees will need to prove that the summons was actually served.

Fines will be applied three months after the violation. The size of the fine will vary from 17 000 to 25 500 UAH.

After such an absentee fine, a financial account may be blocked in relation to inveterate evaders.

We remind you that the Russian Federation will arrange a new large-scale shelling: the Ukrainian Armed Forces warned the Ukrainians about the chosen target.

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