• 23/06/2024 19:11

The ancient Mayans gave scientists the key to conquering Mars: forgotten technology found

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Scientists have managed to take a new step in the colonization of Mars. The technology discovered by the ancient Mayans helped them in this.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Reuters.

Scientists have achieved a larger harvest of vegetables on Mars using an ancient method gardening, known as the Mayan method. This method was discovered in greenhouses at Wageningen University and research centers in the Netherlands, and it could significantly increase crop production in Martian soil.

“We used a method of growing different plants together, known as intercropping. This method was first discovered by ancient Mayan farmers. During the experiment, we grew cherry tomatoes, peas and carrots in the same pots. As a result, the tomatoes yielded approximately twice as much,” — the researchers reported.

However, not all crops showed positive results with this method. It has not yet been possible to increase the yield of carrots and peas. But even taking this into account, scientists have taken a new step in the conquest of Mars.

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