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Ukrainian tennis player shook hands with a Russian woman at a prestigious tournament: the reaction of her father and the Ministry of Sports appeared

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This information was reported by the «Ukrainian Tennis Federation», reports “URA- Inform”.

The athlete’s father and head of the Ministry of Sports, Matvey Bedny, responded to the incident. According to him, the junior lacks experience in performing at the highest level tournaments.

«Liza is only 16 years old, she still has no real experience performances at such significant competitions. There is an extraordinary atmosphere here, which in itself puts a lot of pressure on the athletes», — he said.

In turn, the head of the Ministry of Sports, Matvey Bedny, noted that the situation is being studied and, together with the sports federation, they will make informed decisions. At the same time, he is convinced that our athlete was provoked. This is exactly the impression I got after watching the video.

«We see how at every tournament the Russians try to use Ukrainian athletes for their own propaganda. This is exactly what we saw in the performance of Russian propaganda media», — Poor said.

Recall that it was previously reported who will receive all the belts: Joshua named the favorite of the Usyk-Fury fight.

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