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Why the heating bill has almost doubled: an expert’s explanation

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This information was reported by Napensii, reports URA-Inform.  

Some Ukrainians who received  payments for heating in January 2024 noticed that the amount due was 2 times higher than usual.  However, tariffs should not change at least until the end of the heating season (that is, April 15).

Chairman of the Union of Utility Services Consumers Oleg Popenko explained this by saying  that in houses without meters, the cost of heating is calculated based on heat load, actual number of hours of heat supply and average monthly outdoor temperature. In this case, the cost of heat depends a lot on the temperature outside.

«If on average in a two-room apartment with an area of ​​60 square meters. m at a temperature of 0 degrees, people pay somewhere around 1400-1600 UAH, then if you take cool weather -5°-10, then the payment can reach up to 2500 UAH per month. You and I pay for gigacalories: how much we used, that’s what we pay», — the analyst emphasized.

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