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What dreams do people see before they die: hospice patients revealed the truth

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Specialists from the American Center for Hospice and Palliative Care in Buffalo observed patients for 10 years and made a rather intriguing discovery – they found out what dreams people see before death.

This information was reported by Radiotrek, reports URA-Inform. .  

As it turns out, shortly before death, dying people see the same dreams. In particular, in the last days of life, people often have vivid dreams. Of the 13 thousand people observed by scientists, 88% reported this.

72% of patients said that they often dreamed of deceased relatives and friends. Patients communicate with them in their sleep, experiencing joy and warm feelings.

59% of people observed by scientists reported that they dreamed about the eve of travel, how they packed their suitcases or bought tickets. In the dream, some of them were already traveling on a train or flying on an airplane, in the company of both deceased and living relatives. Those surveyed claimed that they felt so good in their dreams that they did not want to return to reality at all.

29% of patients admitted that they only see living relatives and friends in their dreams. And 28% said that they dream of pleasant memories and special moments of passing away from life.

Similar dreams occur to people, as a rule, three months before death. In the last three weeks, patients dream more and more often, and the dreams become more vivid and detailed.

Scientists were unable to explain this phenomenon. Experts suggest that shortly before death, certain changes occur in the brain, which provoke the appearance of identical dreams.

Recall that it was previously reported what happens to the soul after death: a study by scientists.

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