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What helps cats find their way home: scientists have revealed the secret of this unique ability

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Scientists have discovered how cats and dogs find their way home even at great distances.

About this information was reported by Ukr.media, URA-Inform reports.  

There are many cases where lost cats returned home after days and weeks. Scientists became interested in this unique ability after conducting a series of experiments.

In particular, the animals were taken several kilometers from home, and then their behavior was observed. During the study, almost all cats easily found their way back home, even at great distances.

Further research revealed the secret of this unique ability. As it turns out,  cats have a «built-in compass» and is oriented towards the electromagnetic field of our planet. It is this sense that helps animals find their home even over long distances.

Unlike cats, studies of dogs have shown that their orientation abilities are not as well developed as cats, since they are more attached to person and too domestic.

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