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Hypertensive crisis: when to call an ambulance

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When you need to call an ambulance with high blood pressure: doctors named 7 signs.

About this information Medical Answers reported, URA-Inform reports.  

Doctors noted that when blood pressure rises, a person may experience certain bodily sensations that warn that he urgently needs medical attention.

According to them, as a rule, persistent high blood pressure does not have pronounced physical warning signs. signs, it is for this reason that hypertension is called the “silent killer”. However, critically high blood pressure can cause some sensations.

Experts recalled that when an increase in a person’s blood pressure means its growth to extremely high parameters, this can lead to organ damage and associated complications. They noted that these dangerous processes can be reflected by external signs, the appearance of which is a signal that it is time for a person who feels unwell to call an ambulance.

“If a person experiences severe chest pain, this may be a symptom of a hypertensive crisis, requiring immediate medical attention. And if a person experiences a severe headache, which is accompanied by confusion and blurred vision, then this serves as another signal that an ambulance must be urgently called,” doctors warned.

In total, they listed seven warning signs of very high blood pressure that require medical attention:

— severe chest pain;

— severe headache with confusion and blurred vision;

— nausea;

— severe anxiety, panic;

— difficulty breathing;

— cramp;

— lack of response to treatment.

Experts recalled that a sharply and critically increased blood pressure may mean that a person is experiencing a stroke, heart attack, kidney or heart failure. The sooner he receives professional help, the better.

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