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What is Binance

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What is Binance: we are talking about a company founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, which is not only the largest in the world cryptocurrency exchange, but also the leading international blockchain ecosystem.

This information was reported by the official Binance resource, reports URA-Inform.

Successes Binance

In a short time, it has achieved outstanding results in various aspects such as trading turnover, market capitalization and number of active traders. One of the main achievements of Binance is its incredible development in the field of trading turnover. In a short period of time, it has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, surpassing many competitors with its high trading volume, market capitalization and number of active users.

But Binance's success is not limited to just turnover. It also offers its clients a wide range of trading options, including spot, margin, futures and P2P trading. Thanks to this, traders can find optimal conditions for their operations, and low commissions make the platform especially attractive.

How can you make money there?

The platform offers a wide range of options for traders, including spot, margin, futures and P2P trading. Additionally, with its own cold wallet, Binance provides secure storage of digital assets for its clients. Traders also have access to low commissions, which makes the platform especially attractive to many.

Platform Features

One of the advantages of Binance is the ability to use a convenient trading platform based on TradingView. You can top up your account in a variety of ways, including credit cards and cryptocurrency. The minimum deposit is only $1, which makes the platform accessible to a wide range of users. Thus, everyone will be able to answer for themselves the question of what Binance is.

Other platforms and games for making money

In addition to Binance, on There are many other cryptocurrency trading platforms in the market, such as WhiteBit, OKX, Gate io, BingX. They offer a variety of opportunities to make money from cryptocurrency, including trading, staking, and the use of decentralized financial protocols.

Lately, participation in clicker games in cryptocurrency markets has become increasingly popular. Platforms such as NEAR Wallet, Avacoin, TapSwap, WormFare, Harvest MOON, TOM Clicker, Click Arbuz and others provide the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through various game mechanics, from clicks to farming and trading.

In addition, the WhiteBit platform, where game tokens and more are also traded, is also gaining popularity.

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