• 13/06/2024 12:04

What will be the goal of the Russian Federation in Ukraine after the New Year: the expert said where the invaders will strike

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This information was reported by Dialog.UA, reports URA-Inform.

Kovalenko emphasized that the main tasks of the eastern direction of the front for the Russians are the formation of a safe buffer in the south-west of Bakhmut and the creation of conditions for an attack on Chasov Yar.

The expert suggested where the occupiers will be strive to concentrate their main forces for a subsequent strike after the New Year. In his opinion, the key points will be the Liman-Kupyansk axis, primarily the city of Kupyansk.

He noted that the occupiers will try to put pressure on Kupyansk, considering Sinkovka the main obstacle that has not fallen into their hands for more than six months .

The military-political observer shared his thoughts on the plans of the Russian forces. He emphasized that the group of forces «West» will continue to operate in this area, which, in his opinion, indicates the possibility of focusing the main attack after the New Year on Sinkovka.

In this context, he said that Kupyansk is the main target for the Russian military in this location. Despite the uncertainties, the expert expressed confidence that the effective use of resources in the Sinkovka area will be a difficult task for the occupiers.

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