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What's wrong with the concrete defense lines of Ukraine: DeepState found out the reason

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In a war where the construction of engineering and fortification structures plays an important role in ensuring the security and defense of the country, the military engineers face a number of difficulties, as described by one of the DeepState specialists.

The above-mentioned department reported this information in its Telegram, reports URA-Inform.

Why are there few suitable trenches?

Lack of knowledge, experience and skills in planning the construction of IFS plays a key role in this problem. Team engineering managers often do not have sufficient data and resources to plan effectively. As one military engineer notes, “Defense must be continuous,” but without proper planning and coordination this turns out to be difficult.

Why is there no concrete?< /h2>

Lack of resources and insufficient attention from the command are also factors. Although there are relevant directives and orders regarding the use of concrete in defensive positions, implementation of these activities is often hampered by a lack of resources and lack of coordination in the provision of technical equipment.

Where are the tractors?

The lack of support and resources for using technology is becoming a serious obstacle. Lack of attention from high command means that military engineers are forced to look for alternative methods or rely on civilian resources. This creates not only problems in the efficiency of construction, but also vulnerabilities in defense.


The problems faced by military engineers during the construction of IFS, not only make it difficult to ensure security, but also leave defensive positions vulnerable to the aggressor in the person of the Russian Army.

The specialist emphasizes that more careful planning, efficient use of resources and urgent measures are needed to provide technical support on the front line. Otherwise, the risks to life and territorial integrity remain high.

Recall that Syrsky named the key tasks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donetsk region: what he paid attention to.

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