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When can the mobilization bill be adopted: Stefanchuk said when it can become law

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Stefanchuk announced this information during the telethon, URA-Inform reports.  

According to him, parliamentarians received the bill on December 25. Consequently, it may be taken up for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada committee no earlier than in 14 days, because during this time alternative bills may also be submitted.

“After that, the committee studies. Once the committee examines it, it takes it to the floor. I think that this will be preceded by big discussions, first of all, at the committee level. I really want these discussions to be professional. Not political, not populist, but professional. This is very important,” Stefanchuk emphasized.

At the same time, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada believes that Ukraine now faces “perhaps the most difficult challenge in its recent history.” For this reason, Stefanchuk would like all Ukrainians to remember history. In particular, the fact that in 1918-1919 Ukraine had the same problems.

“We remember the year 1918-1919 very well. How it happened in Ukraine, when we held out for a year, and then discord began, quarrels began and we lost our statehood. I really don't want that to happen this time. If we don’t have wisdom, we can lose the country,” he concluded.

 We recall that it was previously reported that the National Police commented on the idea of ​​mobilizing law enforcement officers.

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