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How to make Crimea no longer needed by the Russian Federation: Svitan explained what is needed for this

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This information was reported by Roman Svitan, reports URA-Inform.  

AFU officer and military expert Roman Svitan said how the Ukrainian Armed Forces can make Crimea lose its relevance for Russia. He noted that if the Ukrainian defense forces manage to sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet, then the Russians will no longer need Crimea itself.

According to Svitan, with the help of just two Western-style aircraft and two Ukrainian pilots, the entire Black Sea Fleet can be destroyed Russian fleet.

“Two pilots are enough to sink a ship. I will say more, two such pilots may be enough to sink the entire Black Sea Fleet. To do this, you need two planes, two missiles and two pilots, and theoretically the entire Black Sea Fleet can be sunk by these two people in a certain time,” he noted.

The military expert is confident that if it is sunk Russian Black Sea Fleet, then the Russians will not need Crimea, because they need it for the sake of the four bays that perform the task of servicing the Black Sea Fleet.

“That’s it, then they lose their significance as such, and then everything will be much simpler,” Svitan summed up.

We recall that it was previously reported when the Russian Federation wants to start peace negotiations: the source said, with with whom the Kremlin is already engaged in dialogue.

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