• 23/07/2024 16:49

When China will be ready to attack Taiwan: the US has announced a time frame

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China is building up its military and nuclear arsenals at record levels since World War II, preparing for an invasion of the island of Taiwan  by 2027.

This information was reported by Nv, reports URA-Inform.  

The head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral John Aquilino, said all signs point to preparations for an invasion by China, whose official defense budget has increased by 16% in recent years, to $223 billion.

It is noted that the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) has increased the number of fighters by 400 and large warships by 20 in just three years. Beijing has also doubled its arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles.

«Everything points to leader Xi Jinping's order at the PLA meeting to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027,” Aquilino said.

At the same time, US intelligence believes that China does not want a military conflict over Taiwan, the material indicates.

We recall that it was previously reported that the Russian Federation urgently began to transfer forces from the front: Bloomberg found out what happened.

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