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When Ukraine can receive reparations from the Russian Federation: the Ministry of Justice made an unexpected statement

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Ukraine can receive reparations for reconstruction from the Russian Federation even before the aggressor country is defeated on the battlefield. And this will become a historical precedent in this direction.

This information was reported by Ukrinform, reports URA-Inform.  

This statement was made by the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska during the discussion «Frozen assets: the cold front of the Russian war against Ukraine» in Brussels.

The official, in particular, answered the question about the possibility, from a legal point of view, of collecting reparations from the aggressor country even before its defeat in the war.

«Russia has not lost yet, — and it is true. But this does not mean that we cannot receive compensation for the damage caused and reparations. This will be a rather unique case in the history of wars — receive compensation during a war, without the country paying the compensation losing that war. Technically, there are no barriers to receiving such compensation», — he said.

From an international point of view, according to Malyuska, paying compensation to Ukraine from Russia for the damage caused could be a better option. This will not only limit the resources of the aggressor country and its ability to wage war, but will become an element of deterrence for other totalitarian regimes.

«In that concerns the establishment of a tribunal or other international mechanism, — we don't see that this is necessary. In many countries it will be sufficient to apply national legislation. We assume that some kind of international agreement will be concluded, but mainly for a mechanism for the distribution of such assets. We must create a compensation fund, — This is the story that has already begun with the formation of a register of damage caused», — Denis Malyuska summarized.

We recall that it was previously reported that assistance to Ukraine from the United States: Speaker Johnson made an encouraging statement.

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