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How long will the Russian Federation continue to shell Ukraine: British intelligence forecast

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The Russian Federation is trying to constantly maintain and increase pressure on the Ukrainian authorities and population.

This information was reported website of the UK Ministry of Defense, reports URA-Inform.  

For this reason, Russian terrorists will continue to carry out air strikes on Ukraine as long as it has the means to do so. This conclusion was made by the British Ministry of Defense, citing intelligence data.

In the report, British intelligence officers drew attention to the events of March 21, when Russia launched its first major strike using long-range aircraft against Ukraine in more than a month.< /p>

Then the strike group included at least 10 Tu-95 aircraft operating from the Olenegorsk and Engels air bases, as well as MiG-31 fighters. They fired at least 20 missiles (including Kh-101 and Kinzhal), mainly towards Kyiv. 44 days have passed since the previous air strike on Kyiv.

According to British intelligence, it is quite possible that the month-long pause in strikes using long-range aviation was caused by problems with the management and planning of the aircraft fleet. The sanctions have likely limited Russia's ability to gain access to key aircraft and missile components. Successes in Ukrainian air defense have also made planning a Russian attack more difficult.

«Russia will almost certainly continue to strike critical locations as aircraft, crews and stockpiles of weapons, trying to maintain pressure on the Ukrainian government and population due to its ability to strike in a confrontation», — made a conclusion at the UK Ministry of Defense.

We recall that it was previously reported what NATO will do with Ukraine if Trump wins: the media explained the Alliance’s plan.

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