• 15/06/2024 22:25

When will a new aid package from the United States be delivered to Ukraine: statement by an American general

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The Pentagon expected the adoption of a bill on additional funding for Ukraine and had been planning further steps for a long time.

About this The information was reported by the Voice of America, URA-Inform reports.  

According to the source, the US military department will deliver the necessary weapons from the aid package agreed upon by American President Joe Biden «as soon as possible».

«As you can imagine, what we do at the Department of Defense is planning. And we plan a lot… We've been focused on this for a long time, and realizing that we are getting closer and closer to this… we were ready in terms of permits and movement of ammunition to Ukraine. We will deliver these capabilities to Ukraine as soon as possible,” — says a statement by US General Charles Q. Brown.

The general's statements added to the already numerous statements by US officials who, after the approval of additional funding by Congress and the signing of this law by Joe Biden, promise to send military aid to Ukraine as soon as possible deadlines.

We recall that it was previously reported how much aid approved by Congress will be enough for Ukraine: Biden responded.

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