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The Ukrainian Armed Forces' shells will have to wait: Foreign Policy explained how the United States accepted aid for Kyiv

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As it turns out, the slow supply of shells to Ukraine will continue until the beginning of next year, as the United States directs efforts to restore its own reserves military equipment.

This is reported by Foreign Policy, citing American officials, URA-Inform reports.

Despite the allocation of financial assistance, most of the necessary weapons for Ukraine will not be available delivered to the front before the end of this year. The Biden administration is expected to spend much of the year restoring US weapons stockpiles to pre-war levels.

At the same time, the situation with arsenals at the other end of the Atlantic Ocean also leaves much to be desired. Most of the 1.4 million projectiles promised to Ukraine from the European Union will not be delivered until the end of 2024.

According to European officials, refurbishment of old artillery shells costs about 30% less than purchasing new ones, but most of them are comes from former Soviet republics that are keen to avoid tensions with the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to expand its arsenals and plans to reach production of 3.5 million shells by 2024, with the possibility of increasing this figure to 4 .5 million by the end of the year, the publication notes.

Recall that there are queues at the TCC in Kyiv: Ukrainians complain that it is impossible to update the data (photo).

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