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Will they be served with summonses abroad: the Ministry of Defense was given a warning

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According to the statement by the speaker of the Ministry of Defense Lazutkin, territorial recruitment centers abroad will not carry out their activities and will not issue subpoenas.< /p>

This information was reported by the telegram channel “Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine,” reports URA-Inform.

This means that military personnel located outside the country will not receive orders to conscript. In addition, he noted that an electronic account is planned to be launched in June, through which soldiers will be able to update their military credentials.

This represents an important step in the modern digital military management system.

However, despite these innovations, the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine continues, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine need to attract new fighters. This means that additional resources and soldiers are urgently required to maintain the security and defense of the country.

Thus, the introduction of the electronic office and the absence of the operation of territorial recruitment centers abroad are two important measures aimed at improving the military command and control system and ensuring the country's security in a military conflict.

Remember, not in the summer: Venislavsky told when the law on mobilization will work “to its fullest.”

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