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When will Notcoin be listed: new important information has appeared

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When will Notcoin be listed? Notcoin is a community token used in the Ton ecosystem. His popularity skyrocketed thanks to a viral game on Telegram that attracted 35 million users. The focus now is on building an ecosystem around NOT, including a gaming platform and research tools for web3 projects. Quite recently, an important announcement about a listing appeared, the wait for which will not be long.

URA-Inform reports about when Notcoin will be listed, citing the official Notcoin website.

Latest news onwhen Notcoin will be listed

Binance is gearing up to become the first platform to list the said token starting on 05/16/2024 at 15:00 (Moscow time). Any information about the sale of a token before the specified time is false. To ensure the safety of your funds, it is recommended to conduct your own research on the project.

Binance Launchpool is preparing to launch its 54th project, Notcoin (NOT), a community token that used push-to-earn mining mechanics to attract new users to web3. The project page will become available approximately 24 hours before its launch on Launchpool.

To participate in staking and earn NOT tokens for three days from 05/13/2024 03:00 (Moscow time), use BNB and FDUSD tokens in separate pools.

05/16/2024 at 15:00 (Moscow time) Binance will list NOT and begin trading in NOT/BTC, NOT/USDT, NOT/BNB, NOT/FDUSD and NOT/TRY pairs. The NOT token will be marked as Seed.

Additional tokens will be regularly distributed to users and released to the market after the first airdrop, which may cause the token price to drop.

Users participating in an online airdrop and receiving tokens through a wallet may experience a delay in receipt, which may also result in additional price fluctuations.

Detailed information about NOT on Launchpool

  • Token name: Notcoin (NOT).
  • Maximum token supply: 102,719,221,714 NOT.
  • Launchpool reward: 3,081,576,651 NOT (3% of the maximum token supply).
  • Initial number of tokens in circulation: 102,719 221,714 NOT (100% of the maximum token supply).

Smart contract information for the Notcoin token is now available. To participate in staking, you must pass KYC. Maximum volumes per user per hour are:

  • 3,637,972 NOT in the BNB pool
  • 641,995 NOT in FDUSD pool

The following staking pools are available:

  • BNB staking: 2,619,340,153 NOT in rewards (85%).< /li>
  • FDUSD staking: 462,236,497 NOT in the form of rewards (15%).

The token farming period will last from 05/13/2024 03:00 to 05/16/2024 02:59 (MSK).

Detailed distribution of farming NOT will be presented soon.

Please note the following notes

  • Snapshots of user and shared pool balances will be taken several times per hour to calculate average user balances and rewards.
  • Users can accumulate rewards every hour and withdraw them to your accounts at any time.
  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and total pool balance will be updated in real time.
  • You cannot use the same staking tokens in multiple pools at the same time.
  • Withdrawals and participation in other pools are available without delay.
  • Tokens used for staking and unclaimed rewards will be automatically transferred to the user's spot account after the end of the farming period.
  • Users participating in BNB Vault staking and fixed-term products will also become participants in the project on Launchpool and will receive rewards in new tokens.
  • If multiple projects are launched simultaneously, users' BNB balance will be split equally between projects.
  • Assets in the BNB Vault used as collateral for loans do not contribute to Launchpool rewards.
  • Users BNB Vault will receive the same benefits as storing BNB in ​​Launchpool, including airdrops and VIP benefits.
  • Participation in Launchpool depends on the user's country or region. Currently, residents of the following countries and regions are not eligible to participate in the NOT pharming program: Australia, Canada, Cuba, Crimea, Iran, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, North Korea, Syria, United States and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands), as well as all non-government controlled territories of Ukraine.
  • The list of countries and regions in which participation in NOT pharming is prohibited may change in accordance with local legislation.

Similar platforms and games that provide the opportunity to earn money on the Internet

If you are interested in the question of when Notcoin will be listed, then you may also be interested in analogues of Notcoin, which offer various opportunities for earning money on cryptocurrency. Among them are Whitebit, Binance, OKX, Gate io, BingX and others. They provide a wide range of tools for trading cryptocurrency, including staking and the use of decentralized financial protocols.

In addition, clicker games are gaining popularity among participants in cryptocurrency markets, providing the opportunity to earn money not only from trading itself. Platforms such as NEAR Wallet, Avacoin, TapSwap, WormFare, Harvest MOON, TOM Clicker, Click Arbuz and others offer a variety of game mechanics including clicking, farming, trading and more, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency during gameplay.< /p>

It is worth noting that information recently appeared about when the tokens from Click Arbuz will be listed.

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