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Why Ukraine has not yet declared a state of war: explanation from the Ministry of Justice

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A state of war has not yet been declared in Ukraine, despite the fact that the state has been defending itself against a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation for the third year.

This information was reported by the BBC, URA-Inform reports.  

The head of the Ministry of Justice Denis Malyuska explained that this does not need to be done for a country that was attacked by an aggressor. The official noted that some of the language in the Constitution relating to wartime is formulated “not ideally.”

This issue has been actively studied by lawyers specializing in international humanitarian law. They, according to Malyuska, “are absolutely calm and understand that this does not change anything.”

“Announce, don’t announce — we are at war, and all the rules of law that relate to war, they apply to Ukraine and to the war that we are waging,” — the minister said.

The official is convinced that declaring or not declaring a state of war has no legal meaning, and some lawyers question the correctness of someone declaring a state of war.

“Because if you attack someone and declare war — This is a crime of aggression. If you are defending yourself, you don't have to announce anything. You're defending yourself — of course there is a war and the corresponding norms apply to you,” — Denis Malyuska summarized.

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