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When will the war in Ukraine end: the answer of an Azov fighter

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According to a fighter with the call sign «Niko», fighting as part of the 12th brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine «Azov», fighting in Ukraine will continue for a long time.

This information was reported by Tsn, URA-Inform reports.  

He believes that the era of wars has begun in the world. Also «Niko», emphasized that we will continue to fight and if this conflict is frozen, it will not be for long.

«The Russian occupiers will again gain strength, weapons, and there will be an invasion again. We all hear what plans they have there: Poland, Germany, France. They can't get through us. And then we miraculously hold on, because the majority are motivated in this and the majority still have the strength. I think that this will still drag on for a long time, this war», — stated the military man.

Fighter «Azov» also stressed that Ukrainians should understand that the next generation will also have to fight.

«And you need to prepare, as soon as you have time, you need to prepare for all this. It is necessary to increase the level of tactical medicine, fire training tactics», — added «Nico».

Recall that it was previously reported that Ukraine could move closer to peace as early as June: Zelensky said what would happen.

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