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Will Ukraine be left without US help if Trump wins: a forecast was made in Poland

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The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is convinced that Donald Trump, if he wins the US presidential election, will not leave Ukraine without military support .

This information was reported by Politico, URA-Inform reports.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski came to this opinion after Trump did not protest against the provision of a $60 billion military package for Kiev.

For this reason, according to Sikorski , this may indicate that the attitude of the former US President  towards Ukraine may change.

«I didn’t hear a single protest. Therefore, I hope Trump saw that this opposition to helping Ukraine is really not popular in the United States, that it harms his chances of being re-elected,” Sikorski emphasized.

Polish Foreign Minister also recalled that it was during the presidency of Donald Trump that Kyiv first received Javelin anti-tank systems.

«Donald Trump was right to call for Europe to quickly start spending more on defense», — the Polish diplomat summarized.

Recall that it was previously reported that an expert named the US plan in the war in Ukraine: and this is not a crushing defeat for the Russian Federation.

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