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Where and how the Russian Federation will advance at the beginning of summer: BILD found out important information

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Two senior Ukrainian intelligence officials said they expect Russia to launch «a new large-scale attack in late May or June&# 187;.

This information was reported by the BILD publication, URA-Inform reports.

After the completion of Putin’s winter offensive in eastern Ukraine, as a result of which 23 cities and villages were captured, The Kremlin and Kyiv are already preparing for a new, more powerful Russian spring offensive.

Two senior Ukrainian intelligence officials said ongoing Russian attacks on key parts of the front line, as well as missile and drone attacks on Kharkov and other strategic cities, are harbingers of a large-scale offensive to come.

One Ukrainian army supplier said fears of a possible cross-border attack on Kharkov involving between 20,000 and 40,000 troops.

< p>«Then you will have to decide what to defend – the north or the east. We will not be able to protect both directions,” he noted.

The Ukrainian military confirmed that «if they cross the border again, they will do it in Kharkov».

However, according to the military official, more likely a major attack on Kharkov from Ukrainian territory.

“In addition, Donetsk creates serious difficulties for us,” added the anonymous source.

A Ukrainian officer explained Russia’s successes in recent weeks:

«Two years later, the Russians figured out how to effectively use the air force for offensive operations. Now every building we hold is under constant bombardment… Without artillery shells and air defense missiles, we are powerless»

While Ukraine continues to build kilometer-long anti-tank barriers, known as the «dragon's tooth», not only along more a stable front in the south, but also along the borders with the Russian Belgorod, Kursk and Bryansk regions. The goal is to be able to stop a new invasion of Russian tanks directly at the border, and not 100 kilometers inside the country, as was the case in the spring of 2022.

Recall that aid to Ukraine from the United States is still under threat : WP indicated serious risks.

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