• 15/04/2024 08:26

Where on Mars where the first people can be settled: AI has found a place

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This information was reported by the Independent, URA-Inform reports.  

An artificial intelligence system has discovered dozens of new entrances to caves on Mars by analyzing images of the Martian surface. Some of these caves may become a base for the first human settlers.

Although the Martian surface is a fairly inhospitable environment, conditions just a few meters below the surface may be more suitable for life, scientists say. For the same reason, these caves may also be potential hotspots for detecting signs of microbial life on Mars.

Researchers from Durham University in the UK trained a machine learning algorithm to identify potential entrances to Martian caves in images of the surface of Mars. An AI system called CaveFinder was able to identify 61 such cave entrances by analyzing images in four different regions of Mars.

This method was significantly more effective than the old approach, where scientists searched for caves on Mars by manually reviewing thousands of satellite images.< /p>

«Overall, the results of this study show that with these additions, machine learning has great potential to advance remote cave detection, which is key for future research Mars», — say the researchers.

Recall that it was previously reported that scientists found a creature that puzzled them: the first pictures are shown.

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