• 17/07/2024 10:00

The Russian Federation is on the verge of a technological breakthrough: what will become a serious challenge for Ukraine

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This information was reported by TG «Advocate of Rights», URA-Inform reports.  

According to her, the Russians have already begun to use automatic follow-up guidance in FPV drones». At the same time, Berlin noted that our electronic warfare cannot cope with their latest drones.

«The role of the operator is reduced to a minimum. This is not artificial intelligence yet, this is computer vision. This is automatic target acquisition, that is, the device is becoming more and more autonomous. Traditional means of electronic warfare, which we have not yet saturated the front with, are becoming ineffective,” she said.

Moreover, she emphasized that if the Russian Federation puts such drones into mass production, it will become Ukraine is a serious challenge, since in this case the situation cannot be corrected by simply increasing the number of drones.

«The question is quality. It’s one thing when an operator comes out with this FPV drone, it is jammed, this all happens in manual mode, such operators are constantly covered with fire… A completely different story, when the operator presses a button, a drone or a swarm of drones will take off to hunt and which will have an algorithm: the first 5 km — this is our technology, and then — all moving objects must be crashed into and destroyed» – Berlinskaya summed up.

 We recall that it was previously reported that fighting is intensifying at the front: analysts predicted the actions of the Russians in the near future.

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