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Which settlement do the occupiers want to capture in Zaporozhye: military statement

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During the day, in the Orekhovsky direction, the Russians, with the support of aviation, carried out two attacks on the positions of our military in the Staromayorsky district of the Donetsk region and Robotino Zaporozhye region.

This information was reported by 24tv, URA-Inform reports.  

Head of the press service of the «Spartan» brigade Anastasia Kirichenko stated that Russian invaders are trying to occupy the village of Robotino, Zaporozhye region. However, all enemy attempts to break through to this settlement fail. The occupiers continue to increase the number of airstrikes on populated areas specifically with the civilian population.

«The enemy is trying with all his might and means to restore lost positions and capture Rabotino. They are trying to break through this line of defense, including using armored vehicles. It’s really difficult for our troops», — said Kirichenko.

Also, according to the press secretary, in the direction of the settlement of Novoprokopovka, Russia is using the usual tactics of small groups and intensive assault invasions with the involvement of infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and these are mainly night attacks or in the morning. At the same time, Kirichenko noted that enemy assault groups are trying to get as close as possible to the positions of the Defense Forces using equipment.

We recall that it was previously reported when Putin wants to end the war against Ukraine: Scholz’s statement.

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