• 17/06/2024 20:33

An invisibility shield has been created in the UK: it can hide several people (photo, video)

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It is noted that this invisibility shield is portable and quite large.

This information was reported by the Daily Mail, reports URA-Inform.  

The developers of the British company Invisibility Shield have invented an invisibility shield that can hide a hidden object, including several people.

The publication notes that thanks to the many lenses, the shield scatters a vertical strip of light and causes the illusion of the object disappearing. The height of the development is 183 centimeters, and the width is — 122 centimeters.

«Unlike Harry Potter's cloak, it is large enough to hide several people», — journalists noted.

The publication added that you can purchase the unusual shield for £699. According to the developers, the invention works best against a uniform background. The shield can be held and carried using special handles while remaining unnoticed, the company said.

It is reported that the unique shield can hide not only objects, but also people.