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Why are passenger planes painted white: and it's not just for aesthetics

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The trend came to aviation in the mid-1970s when Air France first introduced white instead of polished aluminum. Since then, white has become the standard color for most passenger liners.

Travelandleisure reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

Engineers noted that the white color has deep reasons related not only to aesthetics, but also to the comfort and safety of passengers. The biggest reason why aircraft are painted white is due to physics.

White color reflects the sun's rays well, while dark colors absorb them. This helps keep the inside of the aircraft cool and reduces exposure to radiation, as well as reducing cooling costs and providing a more comfortable environment for passengers.

The second advantage of white paint is that aircraft that are fully serviceable are preferred by many companies lease or sell. And painting the entire aircraft costs from 50,000 to 200 000 dollars. If the plane is painted white, then it is enough to paint over the previous logo and apply the livery of the new owner. Accordingly, such an aircraft can be sold cheaper and faster.

Another advantage is that the operation of the aircraft is not designed for 1 year — and over time it wears out. Fuel and oil leaks are clearly visible on a white background, and this greatly simplifies both aircraft maintenance and repair. Light paint also helps you notice scratches, dents and even cracks.

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