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The most popular book among Ukrainians has been named: a study of the bookstore “E”

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Ukrainians most often read Ukrainian contemporaries on their gadget screens, and among paper books they give preference to works by foreign authors:

This information was reported by Hytomo, URA-Inform reports.  

The most popular e-books among Ukrainians are:

«I see you are interested in darkness» Illarion Pavlyuk («Vision of Old Lev»);

«Walls in my head. Living with anxiety and depression» Vladimir Stanchishin (publishing house «Vihola»);

«It takes two for a relationship» Vladimir Stanchishin (publishing house «Vihola»);

«Dancing with Bones» Andrey Semyankiva (publishing house «Vikhola»);

«The path to unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America» Timothy Snyder («Chauvin» Publishing).

While the tastes of readers of paper books vary:

&#171 ;I see you are interested in darkness» Illarion Pavlyuk («Visitation of Old Lev»);

«Surgeon» Tessa Gerritsen (KSD Publishing House);

«The Chemistry of Death. The first investigation» Simon Beckett (KSD Publishing House);

«Man's Search for True Meaning» Viktor Frankl (publishing house «KSD»);

«Cafe at the end of the world» John P. Streleki (publishing house «Vivat»).

It is noted that in both tops the first place among the preferences of Ukrainians is occupied by the book «I see you are interested in darkness» Illarion Pavlyuk.

In general, e-book readers most often choose works by Ukrainian contemporaries — every sixth book, which is three times more than in sales of paper books.  

In addition, among e-books, psychological literature, detective stories and science fiction are most often chosen. But the demand for modern foreign prose among electronic and paper books is almost the same.

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