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Why Europeans don’t take off their shoes at home: interesting reasons

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The discussion about why in some countries it is customary to take off your shoes when entering a house is quite an interesting topic.

This information was reported by Unian, reports URA-Inform.

There are several theories that try to explain the origin of this tradition. One of these theories is related to religion, but it is not always confirmed. There is an opinion that Muslims and Buddhists take off their shoes when entering the house, since in their religions it is customary to be barefoot in temples and mosques.

However, in Ukraine, the majority of the population are Christians, and in this religion there is no tradition of being barefoot in church, but Ukrainians still take off their shoes at the door.

Another theory explains the lack of a tradition of taking off shoes in America due to a stable climate without frequent precipitation in the form of snow or rain, so there is no need to protect the home from dirt from the street. 

However, this explanation does not always work, as in Alaska , where it often snows, people usually leave their shoes on, while in the Netherlands, where it rains quite often, there is no strict tradition regarding shoes.

There is also a nuance that explains why Europeans often walk on home in shoes. For example, the British do not take off their shoes in other people's houses, but may leave their socks on if this is acceptable for the situation. However, the offer to an Englishman to change into slippers is questionable and may even be perceived as an insult.

You should not assume that in the West people literally sleep in what they wear on the street. Housing can be divided into several zones, and, for example, in the bedroom the feet on your feet will not be what you would wear outside the home.

Recall that it was previously reported that an object that actually exists was discovered in a painting by Leonardo da Vinci (photo).

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