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Why Russians are terrorizing Odessa and Kharkov: Svitan revealed the Kremlin’s plans

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The Russians almost daily carry out chaotic attacks on the territory of Kharkov and Odessa.

24tv reported this information .ua, reports URA-Inform.  

According to military observer Roman Svitan, the systematic shelling of Kharkov and Odessa is not the fulfillment of military, but informational and psychological tasks. As he explained, the aggressor is trying to put pressure on Ukrainian society in order to force the country to capitulate.

< p>“They chose two cities in which it is most convenient for them to work. This is Kharkov, because it is 30 km from the border line. But Odessa, because in Crimea, Russian military facilities reach Odessa. There, the distance and flight time of the missiles are small,” explained Svitan.

According to the observer, here Russia is directly resorting to terrorist methods: by constant intimidation, force the Ukrainians to freeze the war or capitulate and surrender territories.< /p>

Svitan believes that with the arrival of already promised anti-aircraft missile systems and F-16 aircraft in Ukraine, front-line cities will be protected, including from KAB and guided anti-aircraft missiles from S-300 systems.

We recall that it was previously reported why the Russian Federation announced a search for Ukrainian officials: ISW revealed what the Kremlin’s operation consists of.

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