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Why the Mayan civilization disappeared: scientists named the main reason

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This information was reported by T4, reports URA-Inform.

Scientists studied data on changes in population composition, climate change and diet of the ancient Mayans. They analyzed stalagmites in Yok Balum Cave in Belize, which allowed them to accurately track fluctuations in the region's rainy seasons over the past 1,600 years.

The study found that seasonal changes in the onset of rains became increasingly unpredictable, with periods too early or late onset, and changes in the duration and intensity of rainfall.

These changes have seriously affected agriculture, which is entirely dependent on seasonal rainfall. Disruption of the usual cycle of seasons led to unstable harvests, famine and social chaos in Mayan society.

As a consequence, in a short period — about 100-150 years — the Mayan population dropped by 60-70% and the empire collapsed. This study indicates that climate change can have serious consequences for civilizations, completely changing their way of life and social structures.

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