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How to understand that there is a tendency to thrombosis: this part of the body will be the first to indicate thick blood

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This information was reported by Tengrinews, reports URA-Inform.

Surgeon Kirill Yuvchenko said that if everything is not in order with the body, then the blood can change its state — it becomes liquid or thick. He noted that both of these conditions can be dangerous.

«When the blood is too thick, it means that it has exceeded the hematocrit (volume red blood cells in the blood). The body probably doesn't have enough water. In this case, it is difficult for blood to move through the vessels and carry oxygen to organs and tissues. The risk of blood clot formation increases», — he explained.

According to Yurchenko, a person’s fingers will tell about the presence of a problem. He named the following changes on the skin that may indicate that the blood has become too thick:

— the skin may begin to gather in folds;

— fingertips may be wrinkled;

— skin tone becomes weak.

According to him, these signs indicate that blood is difficult to move through the vessels and is insufficiently supplied with nutrients and oxygen. The mechanism is simple: the skin tone becomes weak, which is why it inevitably gathers into folds.

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