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Why the Russian Federation announced a search for Ukrainian officials: ISW revealed what the Kremlin’s operation is

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The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has put Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Ground Forces Commander Alexander Pavlyuk and ex-President Petro Poroshenko on the wanted list.

ISW reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War concluded that this decision may be aimed at discrediting the current and previous governments of Ukraine that came to power after the 2014 Euromaidan. They also note that these actions are an attempt to establish the jurisdiction of their laws in sovereign countries and part of the information operation «Maidan-3».

«The Kremlin's decision to put Zelensky, Pavlyuk and Poroshenko on the Russian wanted list is likely part of Russia's information operation «Maidan 3″ and broader Kremlin efforts to discredit the current and previous pro-Western Ukrainian governments that came to power after Ukraine's Revolution of Dignity in 2014, and to diplomatically isolate Ukraine», — analysts explained.

In addition, these actions of Russia may be part of a strategy to confirm the jurisdiction of its laws in sovereign European and post-Soviet countries, and may also be aimed at creating information conditions for a possible future aggression against NATO member countries.

«Previously, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs already put on the wanted list several officials from NATO member countries, in particular Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, for allegedly violating a number of Russian federal laws on the territory of Alliance member countries,” the report says.

We recall that it was previously reported that Zelensky and Poroshenko were put on the wanted list in the Russian Federation: the Office of the President gave advice to the Kremlin.

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